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Unstoppable Overcomers with Dorothy Graham O’Dell

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February 15, 20230 min read

Podcast Episode: Drew Deraney Talking About Men’s Vulnerability

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How Dorothy introduced me: Often life takes you places you never expect – or want - to go. Life has certainly taken me to unchartered territory where, after contemplating caving in, I've chosen to crush it instead.

Everybody goes through adversity, and each handles it differently. Men, for the most part, don't ask for help. We choose to be robust under adversity and ignore our emotions. Suppressing emotions and not getting proper support is unhealthy..

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Hi, I'm Drew Deraney

Like most men, I never asked for help while enduring adversity. I ignored my health. I chose only to be strong under adversity and suppressed my emotions.

I now know asking for help is a strength, not a weakness. Because of my struggles, I’m dedicating my life to supporting others, especially men, to overcome adversity in healthy, empowering ways.

I’m a life-long connector who excels in bringing people together who are able to fulfill needs and have spent my personal and professional life serving others.

I’ve recently built trusting relationships and wish to share them in order to help others.

Need help now? Got a question?

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