Supporting Men to Tap Into Their Natural Power

Through Self-Discovery

Thursday, August 15th, 6pm - 7:30pm EST

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As boys, we were told to "Man up," to "Suck it up", "Don't cry, just do it!" when we struggled with a challenging situation.

As men, we've learned that showing our emotions or asking for help are signs of weakness, and to be avoided at all cost.

But at what cost?!

Canadian artist Dax expresses it better

than I ever could

Dax - "To Be A Man" (Official Music Video)

Dax - "To Be A Man" (MEGA REMIX) [ft. Atlus, Phix, Brutha Rick, The Mediary, Thagreatwhite, & MORE]

Dax - "To Be A Man" Remix (Feat. Darius Rucker) [Official Video]

Hi, I'm Drew

Hi, I'm Drew Deraney, the proud father of three, and for most of my life I was concerned with what people thought of me and how I was supposed to act.

In a 9-month span a few years ago, I endured four faith-shaking life events that caused me to question my existence.

I was determined to find a better way to live. Through intense self-reflection and awareness, I realized that in order to be happy, I must adhere to my standards of honesty, integrity and truth and needed to break free from the belief system that was anchored in me for close to 50 years.

Now a self-discovery coach, my men's group and coaching provide a safe space for men to learn to tap into their natural power through self-discover to lead their life, write their story and live the life they want to live.

Did you know that ..

  • 85% of physical ailments are due to unaddressed internal stress

  • Males make up 49% of the population and 80% of suicides

  • The average life expectancy for women is 79.1, for men it's 73.2 - the largest
    gap since 1996

Know that you don't have to surrender to the statistics.

Your Invitation To Write Your Own Story

If you can relate, if you want to see your grandchildren grow up, if you want to live a long, healthy and fulfilled life you can look back on with pride, I'd like to invite you to


Supporting Men to Tap Into Their Natural Power Through Self-Discovery

A 90-minute webinar masterclass to help you take control of your mindset

in order to live a healthier, more empowered life.

Thursday, August 15th, 6pm - 7:30pm EST

In this talk I show men, personally and professionally, how to strengthen self-awareness in order to make healthier and more empowering life decisions.

I share my seven-step personal development and empowerment techniques for fortifying your understanding of self.

You will learn how to:

  • Realize that the answers are within you.

  • Move forward from adversities that hinder your progress.

  • Recognize your own blame and criticism to harness your strengths.

  • Overcome the fear of objections and voice your concerns with confidence.

Need help now? Got a question?

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