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A Supportive Community for Mission-Driven Men to Multiply Their Impact Quicker Through Connection and Collaboration

Isolation Kills Desire and Faith

There are great men out there doing amazing work that needs to be shared with more people, and you can only go so far on your own.

What are three things you don't want to regret before you die?

What five things do you love about your life?

What are you excited about this quarter?

I formed Men Supporting Men Collaboration Tribe to empower mission-driven men to multiply that impact quicker through collaboration and to tap into each other's connections and resources to explode their impact, reach more people and make a difference in the world.

Welcome to the Men Supporting Men Collaboration Tribe

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Every first Thursday of the Month, 3pm EST

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Hi, I'm Drew Deraney

Like most men, I never asked for help while enduring adversity. I ignored my health. I chose only to be strong under adversity and suppressed my emotions.

I now know asking for help is a strength, not a weakness. Because of my struggles, I’m dedicating my life to supporting others, especially men, to overcome adversity in healthy, empowering ways.

I’m a life-long connector who excels in bringing people together who are able to fulfill needs and have spent my personal and professional life serving others.

I’ve recently built trusting relationships and wish to share them in order to help others.

"You can have everything in life you want,

if you will just help other people get what they want."

- Zig Zigler

Coming Soon: The Book

For 53 years, I was a people pleaser and didn't live life as the person I really was. I didn't realize when I got divorced, lost my job, my son got sick and my father unexpectedly passed away that I was gathering content for my upcoming book.

I'll be sharing my experience in an effort to have the Drew of 2022 educate the Drew of 2015 how to handle adversity safely, healthier and effectively. My COPE Paradigm for overcoming adversity will help others navigate the unchartered waters and learn to live as themselves and crush it.

The book writing journey caused a life transformation for me, so much so that I sold my business and now started a Men's Support and Collaboration Group to provide men with the tools to succeed under pressure.

Men Supporting Men Collaboration Tribe

The intention for this community is to provide a space to support each other, to share their wins and successes and grow as people - together.

Membership to the Men Supporting Men Collaboration Tribe includes:

  • Access to the Monthly Mastermind and the network of my 8 Founding Members;

  • Access to Private Interaction Group;

  • Website library of resources;

  • Website topic suggestion box

  • A pdf copy of my book, I'll Have What She's Having. Memoir of a Reformed People Pleaser (coming out soon)

If you're curious whether this community is the place for you, you're invited to come along and give it a try. Register below to join the FREE Men Supporting Men Collaboration Tribe Open House Call. Once you've had an experience of how we roll, I hope you'll choose to join the community.

Every First Thursday of the Month, 3pm EST

60 minutes, on Zoom

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