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Redefine Strength, Embrace Purpose

I'm here to support men who are sick and tired of

  • burning themselves out by being everything to everyone,

  • feeling confused about their role and purpose - in their family and society as a whole,

  • making decisions not aligned with their values,

  • holding themselves back from living their dreams with all kinds of self-sabotage,

  • suffering in silence.

I help them speak up, know their worth, and stand their ground in a whole new way - redefining what it means to "man up"

Welcome to The Mindful Man Movement

Every Third Thursday of the Month, 6pm EST

90 minutes, on Zoom

Welcome To Our Community

Hi, I'm Drew Deraney, the proud father of three, and for most of my life I was concerned with what people thought of me and how I was supposed to act.

In a 9-month span a few years ago, I endured four faith-shaking life events that caused me to question my existence.

I was determined to find a better way to live. Through intense self-reflection and awareness, I realized that in order to be happy, I must adhere to my standards of honesty, integrity and truth and needed to break free from the belief system that was anchored in me for close to 50 years.

Now a self-discovery coach, my men's group and coaching provide a safe space for men to learn to tap into their natural power through self-discover to lead their life, write their story and live the life they want to live.

"You can have everything in life you want,

if you will just help other people get what they want."

- Zig Zigler

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Things happen all around us. It’s inevitable. It’s part of life. Your thoughts about those external circumstances dictate your next course of action. In 2018, four major life events tested me. My divorce (for which I blamed my wife), my job firing (for which I blamed my boss), my son’s mental wellness issues (for which I blamed myself) and the death of my father (for which I blamed God), challenged me to learn more about myself.

For more than twenty years, I wasn’t really living life. I was going through the motions. Did you know that 95% of our brain activity is unconscious? We are on autopilot for most of our waking hours. How many of you have ever felt like your life was on autopilot? How many of you have ever suffered in silence? How many of you are sick and tired of living that way?

I learned that I forgot how to really listen to somebody. I forgot how to be my true self. I lost my authenticity. Empathy abandoned me. I lost my self-identity. I knew I had to do something or else I was going to give up on life. I began telling my story to anybody who would listen. It was cathartic. It helped me heal. I no longer felt alone. I found clarity of purpose in my life. Things I once saw as barriers became opportunities. I took action.

I changed many things in my life, and I’ll share three of them with you here. First, I replaced regret with forgiveness, so I no longer lived in the past. Second, I replaced fear with desire and faith, so I no longer worried about the future. Finally, I replaced my victim mindset with gratitude, so I would be anchored in the present moment. And I’m still a work in progress.

Will you be ready to learn more LATER so you can begin to write your own story instead of having others write it for you? Or are you ready NOW? Choose wisely. There’s no better gift than THE PRESENT!



Welcome to The Mindful Man Movement


Supporting Men to Tap Into Their Natural Power Through Self-Discovery

In this talk I show men, personally and professionally, how to strengthen self-awareness in order to make healthier and more empowering life decisions.

I share my seven-step personal development and empowerment techniques for fortifying your understanding of self.

You will learn how to:

  • Realize that the answers are within you.

  • Move forward from adversities that hinder your progress.

  • Recognize your own blame and criticism to harness your strengths.

  • Overcome the fear of objections and voice your concerns with confidence.

Every Third Thursday of the Month, 6pm EST

90 minutes, on Zoom

New insights into the thought patterns

holding me back

"I recently had the privilege of working with Drew and I can't express enough how transformative the experience has been for me.

Drew helped me gain insights into my own thought patterns and behaviors that were holding me back from achieving my goals and living a more fulfilling life.

I am more self-aware, confident, and focused on my life's purpose thanks to Drew’s insight. I would definitely recommend Drew to anyone seeking to make positive changes in their life and reach their full potential" - M.H.

Recognizing hidden gems in others

"I highly recommend Drew as someone truly extraordinary! He has an exceptional talent for recognizing the hidden gems in others, fearlessly addressing conflicts, and forging strong connections. Despite knowing him for a short time, his remarkable ability to maintain a positive attitude in challenging situations is truly inspiring. Trust me, Drew will make you believe in the power of giving credit where it's due and embracing unwavering integrity. Prepare to be amazed by his incredible story!" - A.M.

Communicating difficult concepts clearly

"Drew is a man who epitomizes the word "integrity", which creates a high level of trust in others toward him. Drew does what he says. He consistently gives credit where credit is due, rather than taking credit when it would be easy to do so. He's a glass-half-full person who can always find the silver lining in a seemingly negative situation. Drew pulls out the good in those with whom he has the pleasure to work. He makes valuable connections/introductions where appropriate, without giving a thought of how those introductions might benefit him. Drew communicates difficult concepts and plans clearly and effectively. And he knows how to address conflict head-on without being overly confrontational. I highly endorse Drew and gladly refer others to Drew on a regular basis." - J.G.

Turning misfortune into passion and purpose

"There is no doubt about it. Drew endured not one but multiple LIFE CHANGING events within an 8-month period of time. He has gone through many things that would have brought most of us to our knees. Yet he did not become worse for it; rather, he turned his misfortune and what life threw at him into a new passion and purpose for his life. Drew created a program for men to help with their mental health and well-being, something which is sorely missed today. He is solutions oriented, a great listener, and compassionate.

Drew used his experiences to write, launch and publish his first book which became a #1 international bestseller and #1 NEW release in multiple categories. His insights come from hard life lessons and his ability to come out the other side more resilient, energized, and enlightened. Drew was a pleasure to work with on his book launch campaign and anyone that meets him will feel his authentic nature and energy. I highly recommend this “reformed people pleaser” as the next speaker for your event or getting into his group if he can fit you in." - M.V.

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