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Successful Parents with Wanda Howard

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February 15, 2023•0 min read

Podcast Episode: Successful Men and Fathers With Drew Deraney

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How Wanda introduced me: For so long Men have been expected to "Man Up" in a way that is leaving them emotionally and physically depleted and then as they step into the world of Fatherhood the only way for them to keep moving forward seems to be, forgetting about their own identity and "Man Up" Drew is here to redefine how to "Man Up" in a way that is fulfilling and leaves you feeling stronger than ever before.

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Hi, I'm Drew Deraney

Like most men, I never asked for help while enduring adversity. I ignored my health. I chose only to be strong under adversity and suppressed my emotions.

I now know asking for help is a strength, not a weakness. Because of my struggles, I’m dedicating my life to supporting others, especially men, to overcome adversity in healthy, empowering ways.

I’m a life-long connector who excels in bringing people together who are able to fulfill needs and have spent my personal and professional life serving others.

I’ve recently built trusting relationships and wish to share them in order to help others.

Need help now? Got a question?

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